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L Shape transport Glass racks construction industry

L Shape transport Glass racks The structure consists of two major parts: the outer frame and the inner support.The material is made of high quality carbon structural steel, and the pipe specification is 50 × 50 square pipe. The laminated glass part is made of rubber to prevent the damage of architectural glass storage.The welded structure has a large stable load-bearing capacity.

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Code Dimensions Weiht Material Capacity (t) Surface
  A B C KG   Dynamic Static  
050001194 1600 950 1600 68.5 Q235 2.5 4.0 Powder coating

Production drawings:



  1. This product is the production of single glass, hollow glass storage preferred to prevent the breakage of glass, can make the glass manufacturer’s storage space and warehouse to provide utilization, reduce labor costs.transportGlass racks has multiple anchor hooks,which facilitates the fixation of goods and shelves
  2. Design rubber protection pad to prevent the glass frame steel tube from damaging the glass during handling
  3. Glass shelf size and color can be customized according to demand, free to provide design program drawings
  4. The surface of the product adopts electrostatic spraying, environmental protection, durable anti-corrosion performance is excellent
  5. Glass shelves in the case of non-applicable can be stacked high layer by layer
  6. Glass transport rack with crane and forklift can move glass stably

Product Applications

This product is stored in the building glass insulating glass single piece of glass in kind shot

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Quality Control

  • Raw material measurement: average weight per meter (or unit weight) of feed material. Measurement of the wall thickness incoming profile to ensure it is within +10%
  • Measure the length of all parts, the measurement results should meet the requirements of the drawings
  • Welding process: welding according to the drawings to check the welding position, no leakage, the height of the weld foot should be greater than the thinnest part of the thickness of the base material polishing all welds in the range of about 3cm
  • Surface treatment: polished smooth, no welding slag spray painting according to the RAL color card than the color of the guardrail, there should be no significant color difference


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