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Easy Open Scrap Box for Glass

A large amount of production waste is produced in the continuous machinery workshop, so a waste collection box is placed at the waste outlet of the equipment. The waste is collected and moved to a designated location by the forklift or the crane for a quick dumping.

If you have any question or need drawings or solutions, Please leave us a message.

If you have any question or need drawings or solutions, Please leave us a message.

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NO Specification
1 Deadweight 200kg
2 Color Blue/Customized
3 Height 1150mm
4 Length 1000mm
5 Width 800mm
6 Cutting technology Laser cutting
7 Surface treatment Powder coating
8 Load-dynamic load 2T
9 Load-static load 6T
10 Overall thickness 2mm
11 Safety With auto-lock function
12 Material Cold rolled steel plate


Applications & Characteristic

  • Forklift lifting rings and hanging lugs: meet a variety of handling methods: forklifts, cranes, driving cars, etc.
  • Automatic loading and unloading: the bottom design can be automatically removed, easy to lift and unload.
  • Bottom wheel design: easy to move, simple, improve usage efficiency.
  • Active link and reset bearing: prevent waste dumping caused by mistake operation of the wrench, which is safer and more reliable.
  • Handrail design: The box is equipped with handrails, which is convenient for staff to operate.
  • Electrostatic powder coating: beautiful color, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, anti-corrosion.
  • Thicken design: The box adopts double layer thicken design, which plays a stable role.


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