Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter or Electrical Vacuum Lifter

As a glass processing factory, you have many processing stations to wait for the glass sheeting coming, like the lamination line, glass edge grinding, CNC processing, etc. How to transfer the glass sheet in efficient and simple way?

Usually, the drive modes of the vacuum lifter are pneumatic-drive and electric-drive. Let’s take a closer look at the differences below.

Pneumatic Vacuum Lifter – Suitable for indoor use and the factories have the gas source. However, due to the air cylinder itself weight and length, the pneumatic vacuum lifter has a limit on the capacity (max loading capacity is 500 kg) and lifting height of the glass. For the loading capacity, we cannot change it, but we can consider replacing the air cylinder with an electric hoist to lift the glass higher.

Our vacuum lifers – Japan SMC for the lifting air cylinder, vacuum generator, one-way valve, vacuum manometer, etc.

Electrical Vacuum Lifter – Suitable for outdoor use and the factories don’t have the gas source. It has more possibilities in capacity (up to 1 tons) and lifting height. But you are worried about what if the power is off suddenly, don’t you? No worries, it equipped with voltmeter and barometer; 15 minutes power-off protection and insufficient pressure alarm remind you before it happens.

Our vacuum lifers – USA Thomas Vacuum Pump, Japan SMC Electrical Apparatus Element of the System Control.


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