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Harp Rack – Hrack

The Harp Rack is the only product on the market that can simultaneously satisfy the conditions of “must be stored upright” and “needs categorized storage and retrieval”. It’s specifically designed for the categorization, transportation, and storage of glass panels. When not in use, it can be disassembled, saving transportation costs.

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Product Introduction

Imagine this, you are looking for a powerful and flexible solution to safely and efficiently categorize, transport, and store your glass panels. You need a product that can not only bear heavy loads, but also be easily disassembled when not in use to save transportation costs. This is where our Harp Rack – Hrack comes in. It is the only product on the market that can simultaneously satisfy the conditions of “must be stored upright” and “needs categorized storage and retrieval”. It can store glass panels of different specifications at the same time, saving costs and helping to increase work efficiency.

Harp rack

Basic Product Parameters

harp rack

Harp glass rack

Specification (mm)

Storing   Thickness   (mm)

Spaces for one rack (pcs)

Self-weight (kgs)

Working Load (kgs)


Less than 8mm





Less than 12mm




Note:Customized as required

Working Principle

Glass Storage and Insertion

The main body of the product is designed with stepped slots where workers can insert glass panels sequentially. Each slot is equipped with roller design to reduce resistance during insertion and retrieval, making the operation more convenient. Moreover, these rollers are made of a special material that does not cause damage to the glass panels during usage.

harp rack

Protection of Glass Panels

The Harp Rack features a baffle and rubber pads to prevent excessive sliding and potential breakage of the glass panels during insertion. These baffle and rubber pads effectively protect the glass panels, preventing accidental damage during storage and movement.

harp rack
harp rack

Mobility of the Rack

The bottom of the rack is designed with four corner wheels, including two directional wheels and two swivel wheels. These wheels allow the rack to move easily to different work positions. To prevent the glass panels from sliding during movement, the rack is equipped with a top rod operated by a pedal, which lifts the rod to hold the glass panels securely in place during transportation.

Collision Prevention

To avoid damage to the glass panels caused by collisions when they sway, the rack employs angled supports made of PVB material. PVB material possesses excellent flexibility and elasticity, effectively absorbing the impact force of the glass panels and preventing damage from repetitive collisions.

Convenient Transport and Storage

The Harp Rack can accommodate glass panels of different sizes. Considering the relatively large size of the rack, which may pose challenges for transport and storage, the HRACK incorporates a detachable design. The entire glass rack can be disassembled using screws, reducing its size for easy transportation and storage.

harp rack

Product Application

  • Customers who require vertical storage of glass panels.
  • Customers who frequently move or need to protect glass within the factory.
  • Customers who require categorized storage and retrieval of glass panels.
  • Suitable for storing glass panels of different specifications, such as vacuum glass pairing, high-end glass displays, storage of cut-off materials, and storage of glass doors and windows.

Product Features


This product is suitable for the classification, transportation, and storage of glass panels. The glass roller (special nylon wheel) that carries the glass panels makes it easier to access them. It provides an efficient solution for situations that require vertical storage and categorized retrieval of glass panels.

harp rack

Customization Capability

The specifications of the product can be customized according to the specific needs of the user. This increases its applicability and can accommodate the storage and transport needs of goods of various sizes and shapes.

Ease of Storage and Transportation

The product can be disassembled when empty, allowing for cost savings in transportation and facilitating the transportation of the product itself.

Safety and Stability

The product utilizes PVB sheathed angled supports that will not cause any impact damage to the glass panels (PVB has excellent flexibility and elasticity, effectively absorbing collisions and impacts during storage). The product also features glass fixing for secure loading, preventing glass panels from slipping during movement of the rack.

Plate Glass Storage Racks
A frame transport rack
Glass transport rack (L)


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