glass storage systems

  • Designed for fabrication and transportation of products to the job site (Please see our shop cart or glass carts for additional storage and transportation needs)
  • 10,000 lb. capacity designed to hold all sizes of slabs. The capacity of the TR-10 is reduced to 8,000 lbs. with the use of the CK-8000 caster kit
  • Optional caster package consists of 8″ diameter roller bearing wheels rated at 2,000 lbs. each. Two swivel casters with brakes on one end and two rigid on the other
  • 4 hold down ratchet straps secure load
  • 4 adjustable safety posts provide for safe removal of unstrapped loads that may shift unexpectedly
  • Safety posts are stored at the end of the A-Frame during transport
  • Durable galvanized finish
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The sturdy construction is designed to eliminate the risk of the plate tipping over.

The plate is placed on a special rubber profile held in place with four ratchet retaining bars. There is an additional storage area in the center, ideal for storing tools.

Two eyelets in the frame allow the frame to be lifted by an overhead crane. There are built-in brackets on all four sides for easy forklift transport.

Includes four 2T and 5T heavy duty removable casters.

Reaches 220mm for heavy duty trucking.