harp glass rack

Protective Plastic or Rubber on all Contact Surfaces
2 Swivel, 2 In-Line Casters, & Handle in Standard Arrangement
Divider Rods Covered with P.V.C. Sleeves
9/16” Slots – 50 to 100 Slots
Full Base, 40” or 48” Wide, Slotted H.D.P.E.

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A must-have in any glass shop, our Harp Racks are indispensable for storing, sorting and transporting cut glass or mirror.

Partial Base, 40” Wide Slotted H.D.P.E.
Oven Rack, Heat Tolerant for Tempered Glass
2-Level Rack for Small Units
Floor Locks or Locking Casters
Forklift Stirrups & Reinforced Construction For Shipping
Slot Number Label System