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The Drawer Type Vertical Glass Storage System is suitable for those in need of frequent storage, display, and retrieval of glass materials. Its vertical drawer design optimizes floor space usage, allowing efficient storage while safeguarding glass from damage. The individual pull-out feature for each glass piece enables swift access, reducing waiting times and efficiency loss during production, as well as facilitating customer selection and viewing of different glass types. With superior load-bearing capacity and high flexibility, it becomes an ideal choice for warehousing and logistics centers, production workshops, and retail displays.

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Product Introduction

Looking for a time-saving, space-efficient solution for secure and efficient glass storage and retrieval? The Drawer Type Vertical Glass Storage System is your ideal choice. This vertical glass shelf employs a drawer-style structural design principle, comprising a main frame and drawers. Each drawer features a space-saving design, allowing glass to be stored vertically within. With mobile wheels at the bottom of each layer, a single person can effortlessly pull out the drawers, saving labor, enhancing efficiency, and providing convenient and swift access. The Aplarack Vertical Glass Storage System is your ultimate assistant.

Drawer Type Vertical Glass Storage System

Basic Product Parameters

Drawer Type Vertical Glass Storage System
Code mm
Weiht Material Capacity (t) Surface
 L  W  H  a  b  KG
050003398 1785 1660 1635 1700 1400 521 Q235 8t Powder coating

Working Principle

Firstly, grasp the raised handle and effortlessly pull out with minimal force, enabling single-person operation. Pull out the desired shelf for storage, place the glass to be stored, rotate the side latch to secure the item, then grip the raised handle and push it back inwards. The same method applies for retrieving items.

Product Application

When is it necessary to use a Drawer Type Vertical Glass Storage System?

  • Customers requiring frequent access to glass materials.
  • Customers needing individual glass storage with the option for separate showcasing.
  • Customers seeking optimal space utilization.
  • Customers prioritizing the stability and safety of glass materials.

Product Features

Why choose a Drawer Type Vertical Glass Storage System?

Why choose a Drawer Type Vertical Glass Storage System?

Independent Design

Each drawer or storage unit is independent, ensuring glass is stored separately to prevent contact, collision, or scratching between pieces, preserving the integrity and appearance of the glass.

Space Saving

The vertical design optimizes vertical space utilization by storing glass vertically, effectively minimizing floor space, creating a more compact storage area, and proving suitable for limited space environments. This ultimately reduces warehousing and logistics costs.

Versatile Customization

Customization of drawers with various specifications and sizes can be tailored to meet different types and sizes of glass materials based on user requirements. This versatile customization capability enhances the product’s adaptability and applicability.

Convenient Access

Each drawer can be easily pulled out individually, allowing workers to swiftly and accurately retrieve the required glass materials, enhancing operational efficiency, reducing waiting times, and minimizing labor costs.

Convenient Access


Each drawer is equipped with wheels underneath, featuring a locking function that can secure the position of the shelf, preventing unintended movement when not required, enabling the shelf to stay stable in place when necessary.

Convenient Access

Safety Measures

The main frame features rolling guidance to prevent derailment and collisions, designed with robustness and equipped with a stable support structure and drawer locking mechanism, ensuring secure and stable storage of glass materials while averting unnecessary accidents.


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