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The AGV Glass A Frame Trolley is the ideal choice specifically designed for glass handling using AGVs. It enhances the efficiency and safety of glass handling, reducing manpower costs and the risk of human-induced damage. At the same time, it increases the level of automation and space utilization in the production line, providing a perfect solution for the glass manufacturing and processing industry.

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Product Introduction

The A Frame Glass Storage Rack is a specially designed A-frame rack for storing and transporting glass sheets. It consists of a base, triangular supports, top beams, middle beams, and restraining bars, all constructed from high-quality carbon structural steel tubing and channel steel, ensuring a stable structure with a high load-bearing capacity. The bolted connection allows for disassembly when not in use, facilitating convenient transportation and storage.

Our A Frame Glass Storage Rack is fitted with rubber padding on the base, supports, and restraining bars to prevent glass abrasion during transportation. The A Frame Glass Storage Rack’s triangular structure and symmetric placement method effectively guarantee the safety of glass sheets during transport.

AGV Glass A Frame Trolley

Basic Product Parameters

AGV Glass Transport Rack
Dimensions Weiht Material Capacity (t) Surface
A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) KG Dynamic Static
2500 1220 1900 235 Q335 3 5 Powder coating
Customized as required

Working Principle

Assembly of shelves

The assembly and usage process of the AGV Glass A Frame Trolley is straightforward. Initially, the triangular supports are placed on the base and secured using bolts. Then, the middle beams are inserted and fastened with bolts. Following this, the top beams are added, also secured with bolts. At this point, the main structure of the rack is assembled and ready for the glass sheets to be placed. Glass sheets are inserted on both sides of the rack in sequence, ensuring stability and safety.

Ensuring the safety of the panel

IIt’s worth noting that both the outer side of the triangular supports and the base are equipped with rubber padding. These pads serve to protect the glass sheets from any abrasion during storage and transportation. After the glass sheets are positioned, restraining bars are inserted according to the location, which also have rubber padding on the inner side for further protection of the glass.

A-Frame Glass Storage Rack

AGV Intelligent Transportation

The AGV Glass A Frame Trolley primarily provides an autonomous material handling solution. It’s designed to reduce the need for manual labor, increase transport efficiency, and save both time and labor costs.

AGV Glass Transport Rack

Product Application

  • The AGV Glass A Frame Trolley is an ideal choice specifically designed for the handling of glass using Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs).
  • There is a need to move large or heavy pieces of glass, where manual handling could be difficult, inefficient, or pose safety risks.
  • The process of glass handling and transport needs to be automated to increase production efficiency and reduce labor costs.
  • The risk of manual damage to the glass during transport needs to be minimized. The AGV system can help ensure more controlled and consistent handling.
  • There is a need to optimize space utilization on the production floor. The AGV system can transport glass in a more compact and orderly manner compared to manual handling.
  • The company operates in the glass manufacturing or processing industry and needs a reliable, efficient, and safe method for transporting glass within their facilities.

Product Features


This product is suitable for flat goods, especially fragile goods for temporary storage, transportation, and internal transfer. This means it can provide effective solutions for logistics and warehousing industries, especially for fragile items requiring special handling, such as glass.


The specifications of the product can be customized according to the specific needs of the user. This increases its applicability, able to meet various storage and transportation needs for goods of different sizes and shapes.

AGV Glass Transport Rack

Ease of Storage and Transportation

The product is a combinational structure that can be disassembled when unloaded, making it easy to store when not in use and convenient for transportation of the product itself.

AGV Glass Transport Rack

Safety and Stability

The double-sided symmetrical structure allows for the placement of goods on both sides, providing superb stability and making it resistant to tipping over. The product features limit rods that can swiftly secure the goods to the rack. Additionally, the contact surface of the goods is equipped with buffer pads, preventing any potential damage from the steel frame, thus ensuring the safety of the goods. With the use of AGV intelligent handling, the risk of human-induced damage to the glass during transportation is significantly reduced.

Durability and Anti-corrosion

The product surface adopts electrostatic spraying process, the coating is even, wear-resistant, and has good anti-corrosion effect. This makes the product durable and usable in various environments for a long time.

A-Frame Glass Storage Rack

Flexible Handling Methods

The bottom is equipped with high-strength casters, and the top beam is equipped with lifting rings, and there is a forklift path. This means it can be handled by towing, lifting equipment, or forklift, providing a variety of handling methods.

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