A Frame Trolley: A Revolutionary Glass Pane Transportation Tool

The A Frame Trolley is purposefully designed for the safe storage and transportation of glass panes and other flat goods. At its heart lies the distinctive A-shaped frame, establishing it as the most stable and reliable storage and transport solution within the industry.

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Applications & Characteristic

Advantages of the A-shaped Frame

The A-shaped design not only endows additional stability but also facilitates balanced storage on both sides, effectively distributing the load.

This equilibrium, paired with its positioning rods and quick-release locking mechanisms, ensures glass panes remain securely anchored, eliminating risks of shifts or movement during handling.

Protective Measures

To augment the protection of the glass, the trolley is equipped with rubber anti-slip and cushioning pads at all contact points. These pads not only prevent the glass from slipping but also provide a safe, cushioned point of contact, safeguarding against any potential damage.

Handling Solutions

Casters: Fitted with heavy-duty casters at its base, the A Frame Trolley offers effortless movement within factories or warehouses.

Forklift Access: Catering to scenarios where forklifts are essential, it features dedicated forklift paths, ensuring easy and safe transportation of the entire trolley.

Hoisting: The top-ring design facilitates compatibility with lifting equipment for transportation.

Modular Structural Design

Thanks to its modular design, the trolley can be easily disassembled when not in use, conserving space and cutting down transportation costs.

In essence, the A Frame Trolley is more than just a storage solution – it’s a comprehensive glass pane management system, ensuring the safe, effective, and efficient handling and storage of glass. Regardless of your needs, it offers a robust, flexible, and trustworthy solution.


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