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The A-frame glass storage rack is a storage solution specifically tailored for raw glass manufacturers. It’s particularly suitable for scenarios requiring storage of a large amount of glass that doesn’t need to be frequently moved. You can adjust the distance between Cgracks automatically according to the width of the stored panels, and select the number of rack sets as needed. Moreover, Cgrack can be disassembled when not loaded, which considerably reduces transportation costs.

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Product Introduction

The A-frame glass storage rack is intricately designed to meet your raw glass storage requirements. With its unique double-sided storage structure, it provides unparalleled load-bearing capacity and stability. The detachable design and bolted connection of Cgrack make transportation more convenient, significantly reducing transportation costs. Used in conjunction with Alrack, Cgrack greatly enhances space utilization. If you have a large quantity of glass to store, Cgrack is undeniably your ideal choice.

A-frame glass storage rack

Basic Product Parameters




Maximum Storage Height for Glass Panels



Single-Side Storage Distance



Ultimate Static Load

5.0T(Single Piece


Rubber Pad

Industrial Rubber Plate


Standard Specification Dimension



Surface Treatment

Spray Plastic


Frame Material



Structural Form



Connection Method Between A-Frame and Base

Bolted Connection

Working Principle

Cgrack can be assembled using bolts, allowing for the arrangement of a group (two or more) of Cgracks as needed. The glass panels can be transported and positioned using slings, vacuum suction cups, or by manual handling. Glass panels can be placed on both sides of the rack.


Product Application

  • Customers requiring substantial storage of flat glass raw materials and do not need to move them frequently.
  • Customers with larger glass panel dimensions or those unable to ascertain the precise width.

Product Features


It allows for adjustment of the distance between Cgracks based on the requirements of the stored panels, and also gives the option to select the number of racks in a group as needed. In addition, Cgrack uses industrial rubber pads (which are consumable parts), making them easy to replace.


Ease of Storage and Transportation

The product can be disassembled when not in use, providing space-saving benefits and facilitating transportation of the product itself.

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